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Thursday May 18, 2017 17:06:09
Office of the Provost <>
Current Faculty
New partnership between Akademos and Shakespeare Bookstore

Dear Faculty,

We are proud of the partnership between Akademos Inc. and Shakespeare & Co. and the important flexibility it provides our students as they determine the best venues from which to attain their textbooks and other academic materials for the lowest cost. Students can purchase or rent books and course materials in person from Shakespeare and/or on-line from Akademos.

Equally important is that we follow federal regulations and inform our students of the textbooks and academic materials required for their respective courses at the time of registration. Compliance with federal law requires that we provide a direct link between each course and the faculty defined required textbook and other academic materials for that course and that students are informed of the required materials as they register for courses. This direct notification of the required texts at the time of registration allows the students to purchase their materials from the least expensive source and to have those materials well in advance of the start of classes.

In order to assure we are compliant with federal regulations, we strongly urge you to input your textbook and other required materials through a new very user friendly interface provided by Akademos. This interface is integrated with the CUNY First registration system. The portal can be found at The Hunter Online Bookstore. The information inputted through the portal is available directly to Shakespeare as part of the partnership. Likewise, Shakespeare has agreed to make available to Akademos course information it receives from Hunter faculty.

Please place your book adoptions as soon as possible to assure the students have ample time to acquire their textbooks and other materials.



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